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Penns Manor Area Elementary School Where Bright Futures Begin


Summer Camp Session #2 Begins August 2, 2021!

If you need to register your child for session #2, which runs August 2-5, and August 9-12, do so here: Summer Camp August Session Sign-up.

LAST DAY: Thursday, August 12: 

  1. Students arrive at 8:30.  We want to invite parents and families to join us for a cookout.  Lunch will begin at 11:30.  All families and students who attended camp are invited to attend.  If interested and to plan for the event, please RSVP by August 5, 2021.   
    1. How to RSVP: Cookout RSVP
  2. Bike and Drone tickets will be pulled during the cookout!

 Hope this information helps, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to call me at (724) 254-2666, ext. 2760.